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3. seorub   (11.01.2020 22:20)
Не нужно платить за продвижение, просто покупайте место в выдаче Яндекса так же просто как в Яндекс Директ, но в разы дешевле!
Узнать подробнее- http://bit.ly/2QoExCR
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2. qcdigitalnz   (26.12.2019 22:22)

I think tm-veleni.ru has so much room to grow. The site is in a niche that has lots of competitors, but also has a lot of customers.

My company has been marketing web-sites for more than 7 years and we would be glad to explain how you can improve the visibility of tm-veleni.ru.

This won't cost you anything and if you like our approach, but don't have time to perform these tasks yourself, we could talk about potentially outsourcing this work to us.

tm-veleni.ru is a great site and it would be our pleasure to help you grow it to it's full potential.

Please reply to this email and we can schedule a quick call or continue by email.

Thank you

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1. viela   (12.11.2019 17:39)
Добрый день
Самое время получать 2715 $ ежедневно!
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